“There were no thieves in the temple….only love, light & goodness. I felt a physical reaction caused by the vibration. I surrendered to the dark night of my soul. Alone but not lonely. This feeling is amazing. Thank you Naima and Veronica for following your hearts & your vision. Your light has liberated me in a way that I’m forever grateful for. I’m honored to be one of the first & excited that it will not be my last journey. I am light. I am love. I am free.”

– Kelli Lynn

“What a wonderful and transforming experience! Any ladies looking for a cleansing, transforming experience, I recommend Holistic Goddess Retreats hands down as the best gift you can give yourself on your journey of self discovery and healing. Thank you for an indescribable soul retreat!”

– Chrystal Hedlin

“It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of the beautiful Holistic Goddess Retreat Bali ladies! Naima and Veronica, you did a phenomenal job and I am forever changed. God Bless you all.”

– SaBrina Fisher Reece

“On my spiritual journey, I was reborn in Indonesia with Holistic Goddess Retreats!”

– Edris Holland

“During our weekend retreat, I was most impressed and rewarded by the immediate and positive change I felt in my overall well-being after receiving the reiki treatment and chakra cleansing. I went into the session believing in the benefits, and had a goal. I was focused on releasing past hurts, forgiveness and physical healing, and felt an immediate and enduring relief to symptoms of chronic anxiety. The grounds and retreat house were simple and lovely, as well as the vegan menu. I even lost a few pounds while there. In addition to the personal healing benefits I received, connecting with other women in a safe and soothing environment was also rewarding and rejuvenating. I look forward to joining another adventure soon!”

-Holly Lowe Jones

Loved the trip! The experience was nice and I enjoyed the circle and rituals.  I’ll be adopting some of the things learned and applying it to my family.

-Lynette Runnels